Every home begins with a dream
Every home begins with a dream

Living according to your values
Building while respecting the environment
Enjoying an economical and resilient home
Creating exceptional living spaces


Builder of ecological homes

We are a general contractor specializing in green building. Our team relies on passion, expertise and our ability to listen to our clients’ needs to:

  • Create unique and inspiring ecological homes, right from the project-planning phase
  • Build well-designed, high-quality homes
  • Build while respecting the environment, your needs and your budget
  • Pave the way, so that green building becomes the standard
  • Implement a comprehensive and sustainable vision: create resilient, sustainable and healthy homes

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10 juin 2023
Portes ouvertes Estrie | maison sur mesure

Custom plans

Creating exceptional living spaces

Our design team is dedicated to drawing your construction plan. Depending on your preferences, we either create a custom home design or personalize one of our existing designs available in our catalogue.

No matter what your decision is, one thing remains the same: our team’s dedication in creating your dream home! We offer support in design & architecture, budget monitoring, topographic location on the land, coordination for town planning and permits.

Everything you need to bring your project to completion!

Green building

Building while respecting the environment

Our offer is flexible: we carry out both turnkey projects as well as ready-to-finish homes (delivered without interior finishes) or task-shared collaborative projects.

All of our homes obtain a Novoclimat certification. LEED, Carbon Neutral, Passive Solar Index and Passive House certifications are also available.

Lands | Iluma

Living according to your values

Iluma offers a large catalogue of land and ecodomains from which you can choose. You can then choose a turnkey home or one that is ready to finish and personalize it to your taste
Our land offer is varied and includes spaces in the forest, located on the waterfront or with access to water, on a mountain terrain, with views or close to all services.

We want to know more about your dream home! Contact us and tell us about your project!

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Personalized construction plan tailor-made for you

Living in a healthy, sustainable, bright, comfortable home.

In-house design and construction teams available and ready for you

One point of contact: the plans and construction are overseen by the same team, thus reducing the risk of surprises and additional costs.

Passive solar houses and 3D modeling

Enjoying maximum comfort and reduced electricity bills, summer like winter.

AA technical rating recognized by the GCR

Benefiting from our team’s expertise, which is both solid and recognized, and is a guarantee of quality and a great asset in creating your dream ecological home.

Budget transparency and monitoring

Getting personalized and attentive support throughout your experience.

Recognised expertise and a company dedicated to eco-construction since 2005

Investing in a house with minimal maintenance thus investing in your quality of life. You keep your free time for what is truly important to you.

We assure your satisfaction

Benefiting from our after-sales service, with both support and practical guides to continue to accompany you even after you’ve moved in.