Every home begins with a dream
June 23rd 2021 | Belvedair
Domus Award: 38th edition | Belvedair finalist in three categories!
The Domus awards are presented by the APCHQ-Montreal-Metropolitan and reward the quality of the achievements of companies working in the construction field.
December 18th 2020 | Belvedair
Lauréat de deux Prix Domus et d'une mention spéciale
Belvedair est l'heureux gagnant de la mention spéciale pour le développement durable et récipiendaire de deux prix Domus : prix de l'Habitation Neuve Abordable et ... Constructeur de l’année !!!
December 11th 2020 | Belvedair
Domus Award: 37th edition | Belvedair finalist in two categories!
The Domus Awards are presented by the APCHQ-Montréal Métropolitain and reward the quality of the achievements of companies...
December 3rd 2020 | Belvedair
A new simplified web storefront
An interface developed for an instinctive and highly visual experience
December 2nd 2020 | Belvedair
A new and more current brand image
Our new brand should be inspiring, modern, clean and forward-looking.
December 1st 2020 | Belvedair
A new service : Iluma
Iluma: A new service that presents you both customizable ecological house plans and land to set up a house chosen from a catalogue of plans.
April 1st 2020 | Belvedair
Moving forward in the face of COVID-19
We take public health directives very seriously. We have taken all necessary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.