About us

Our team is comprised of people from different backgrounds and complementary fields with one common goal: the development of green building in Quebec. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable and healthy homes. We build ecological homes for our customers with each one becoming a unique and inspiring place to live.

Our vision

We want green building to become the norm.

Construction sites leave a permanent mark on the environment. And the habitats we live in have a direct impact on our quality of life. Hence, we believe that it is important that each home is built sustainably, minimizing the impact on the local and global environment as well as protecting the health of those who will live in it.

We create living environments where the quality of the built and the quality of life are paramount. Our goal? To increase the proportion of ecological habitats within the real estate sector.

We are continually working toward this with each of our projects, our initiatives and in the way we work.

Our mission

Creating exceptional living spaces

We are dedicated to building healthy, sustainable, ecological and more resilient homes, thanks to our multi-talented team that exchanges and benefits from each other’s expertise.

We create unique high-quality habitats, bathed in light, that are ergonomic and well integrated into their environment. Comfort and well-being are central to each home as is the environmental footprint of the project. That is why we use life-cycle analyses and optimize each space to construct efficient buildings that minimize the amount of resources needed during the construction phase as well as for the entire life of the building (materials, energy, water).


What guides us every day

Ethics and transparency are values we hold dear. A sound project, a people-centric company with advanced expertise in its field that offers you the very best for your project.


We collaborate in a positive climate, where everyone contributes to making the project a success. We believe that a sustainable project must be done while respecting all of all its stakeholders.


Our comprehensive support as well as the quality of our ecological designs help to promote your health and well-being.


We are always staying up to date with the current trends in our industry and are always looking for new ways to innovate. With each project, we are continually developing our expertise which is further grown thanks to our extensive research and our post-project follow-ups with our customers.