Every home begins with a dream
Our team
The best team for your project!

Our entire team literally breathes and dreams of your project. We work together to create homes that are tailor-made for you. Passionate, curious and experts in their domain, discover our team members who will be entirely devoted to building your dream home!

I love being a part of the change towards a healthier future! And encouraging action by developing eco-districts that have a positive impact on both our lifestyles and the environment.
Aymeric Brisset | Director Real Estate Development, Marketing & Sales
My goal: informing and supporting our customers so that they build the home of their dreams! While having fun with my colleagues!
Charlène Comte | Advisor
I thrive to fulfill my role, which is an important link in the construction chain, and to contribute in building high-quality homes that exceed the standards and perfectly meet the needs & desires of our customers.
Étienne Dubé | Architectural technologist
I bring dreams to life by creating spaces that are easy to live in.
Marylène Fréchette | Designer
Créer du lien ! Partager la vision de belvedair en aidant les québecois à comprendre les enjeux de la construction écologique.
Margot Ouil | Chargée de communication
Always looking for healthy and harmonious collaborations, I am greatly motivated by green buildings of superior quality.
Benoit Hébert-Boisclair | Construction Manager
I feel a sense of accomplishment when a dream comes to life with a home adapted to the needs of the customers, while balancing the constraints of reality!
Camille Hébert-Boisclair | Design project manager
Bringing to completion a construction project creates a sense of unparalleled accomplishment. The peculiarities and unique characteristics of each of our projects motivate me year after year.
Francis Jasmin | Construction project manager
Using my knowledge to provide support to clients who are also keen in leaving a healthy legacy to future generations.
Michel Jasmin | Project analyst
Passionate about the construction sector, I feel like I am exactly where I should be, with a team that is motivated in building sustainable projects that will last a long time in Quebec’s landscape.
Dominik Joyal | Site superintendent
Democratize ecological housing by contributing to the realization of innovative and environmentally friendly projects alongside a golden team that has the needs of its clients at heart.
Audrey Lord-Langlois | Advisor
What I like about Belvedair is its values. Here, we believe that residential architecture can be a solution to climate challenges while meeting customer expectations.
Raynald Pépin | Designer
I am happy to be able to end each day proud of the quality work I do with the Belvedair team.
Simon Proulx-Petit | Site superintendent
I love to work in an inspiring environment and being able to help people in taking action in a sustainable and healthy way. And having fun with my colleagues!
Camille Rainaud | Communication manager
I thrive to offer a great experience to people who want to make their dream of a high quality, efficient and ecological home, a reality.
Francis Ranger | Construction project manager
We have created a company, a tool, a place where we can collaborate to carry out larger, more unifying projects, adapted to the current challenges of our society.
Patrick Ranger | General Manager
We build high-quality homes that respect the budget, optimizes costs and provides a comfortable, sustainable and healthy environment to live in.
Adrien Rinfert | Estimator
To create healthy and pleasant living areas, while minimizing our impact on the environment. At Belvedair, I have the chance to share this same passion within a dynamic team.
Maxime St-Pierre | Site superintendent
At Belvedair, we are making a difference by building healthier homes for a better future!
Katy Valiquette | Accountant
Contribute to the construction of sustainable buildings that will become tomorrow's standard, as part of a team that promotes exchanges, learning, respect, attendance and reconsideration.
Kervin Van Damme | Site superintendent
I put my experience at your service to help you realize your dream project while respecting your budget.
Véronique Viala | Estimator
This is how I'm going to build my own house so I take great pleasure in applying myself to yours.
Adam Brunelle | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Proud to be part of the Belvedair team. Every day, I feel privileged to use my knowledge to build ecological and sustainable homes.
Xavier Bussières | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
What is interesting and remarkable is to be able to achieve a construction without any detours or compromises on quality. It's inspiring when you know that your efforts will be here to stay.
François Drapeau | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Proud to be dedicated to building superior homes with every square inch.
Gabriel Dubé | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I am happy to create healthy homes, for me carpentry is an art. I always hope that the homes we build will help align people's souls with their true essence.
Philipe Dupuis | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
I want to listen to people, to ensure optimal learning and understanding of others, in order to deliver high quality work.
Philippe Dupuis | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Dany Gagnon | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Keven Hamel-Dubuc | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I am proud to put my carpentry skills to good use knowing that clients will be comfortable in their new home!
Maxime Jasmin | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
The satisfaction of a job well done !
Philippe Laberge | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
I am very proud to work for a contractor who cares about the environment and the quality of his work.
Ian Letellier | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I like to make a difference in the construction industry and meet high quality standards for an environmentally conscious company, while accompanying customers to their dreams.
Derek May | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
The concern for a job well done!
Grégory Morin | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
The satisfaction of being part of a company that cares about the environment and its employees!
Martin Naud | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
I do this job for the beauty of the places where our clients live and to make their dreams come to life with my own hands.
Nicolas Niogret | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Helping to build a better future with my own hands.
Frédéric Paris | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
Anthony Penasse | Carpenter -joiner apprentice
Proud to be an integral part of the change, to innovate and be a member of one of the best teams in the construction industry.
Jimmy Poulin | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Kurt Robert | Carpenter -joiner apprentice