Every home begins with a dream
Our team
The best team for your project!

Our entire team literally breathes and dreams of your project. We work together to create homes that are tailor-made for you. Passionate, curious and experts in their domain, discover our team members who will be entirely devoted to building your dream home!

I love being a part of the change towards a healthier future! And encouraging action by developing eco-districts that have a positive impact on both our lifestyles and the environment.
Aymeric Brisset | Director Real Estate Development, Marketing & Sales
My goal: informing and supporting our customers so that they build the home of their dreams! While having fun with my colleagues!
Charlène Comte | Advisor
Every morning I start my day at Belvedair with a smile on my face knowing that I am working for a company that contributes to the good of the planet!
Véronique Desjardins | Accounting technician
My aim is to build sustainable habitats, made with respect & consciousness. To understand the unique vision behind each project. And support each individual in making their vision a reality.
Tiphaine Delhommeau | Project analyst
I thrive to fulfill my role, which is an important link in the construction chain, and to contribute in building high-quality homes that exceed the standards and perfectly meet the needs & desires of our customers.
Étienne Dubé | Architectural technologist
Bringing Belvedair's inspiring values to life by using my creativity and inspiration!
Geneviève Dussault | Marketing & sales coordinator
I bring dreams to life by creating spaces that are easy to live in.
Marylène Fréchette | Designer
Always looking for healthy and harmonious collaborations, I am greatly motivated by green buildings of superior quality.
Benoit Hébert-Boisclair | Construction Manager
I feel a sense of accomplishment when a dream comes to life with a home adapted to the needs of the customers, while balancing the constraints of reality!
Camille Hébert-Boisclair | Design project manager
Bringing to completion a construction project creates a sense of unparalleled accomplishment. The peculiarities and unique characteristics of each of our projects motivate me year after year.
Francis Jasmin | Construction project manager
Using my knowledge to provide support to clients who are also keen in leaving a healthy legacy to future generations.
Michel Jasmin | Project analyst
Passionate about the construction sector, I feel like I am exactly where I should be, with a team that is motivated in building sustainable projects that will last a long time in Quebec’s landscape.
Dominik Joyal | Site superintendent
Within our team, we are allowed to grow. Like a home that begins with a simple idea, we water it together so that it blooms into your home. Our happy hours are pretty great too!
Elita Maalouf | Designer
I am happy to be able to end each day proud of the quality work I do with the Belvedair team.
Simon Proulx-Petit | Site superintendent
I love to work in an inspiring environment and being able to help people in taking action in a sustainable and healthy way. And having fun with my colleagues!
Camille Rainaud | Communication manager
I thrive to offer a great experience to people who want to make their dream of a high quality, efficient and ecological home, a reality.
Francis Ranger | Construction project manager
We have created a company, a tool, a place where we can collaborate to carry out larger, more unifying projects, adapted to the current challenges of our society.
Patrick Ranger | General Manager
We build high-quality homes that respect the budget, optimizes costs and provides a comfortable, sustainable and healthy environment to live in.
Adrien Rinfert | Estimator
To create healthy and pleasant living areas, while minimizing our impact on the environment. At Belvedair, I have the chance to share this same passion within a dynamic team.
Maxime St-Pierre | Site superintendent
At Belvedair, we are making a difference by building healthier homes for a better future!
Katy Valiquette | Accountant
Contribute to the construction of sustainable buildings that will become tomorrow's standard, as part of a team that promotes exchanges, learning, respect, attendance and reconsideration.
Kervin Van Damme | Site superintendent
I put my experience at your service to help you realize your dream project while respecting your budget.
Véronique Viala | Estimator
Proud to be part of the Belvedair team. Every day, I feel privileged to use my knowledge to build ecological and sustainable homes.
Xavier Bussières | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Marie-Ève Courville | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
François Drapeau | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Gabriel Dubé | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
Philipe Dupuis | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Philippe Dupuis | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Dany Gagnon | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Keven Hamel-Dubuc | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
A deep love for a job well done, for the quality of the materials used, the consciousness and the benevolence of the artisans who make it, and for the harmony and the nobility which emerges from it.
Jocelyn Jacques | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I am proud to put my carpentry skills to good use knowing that clients will be comfortable in their new home!
Maxime Jasmin | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
The satisfaction of a job well done !
Philippe Laberge | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I am very proud to work for a contractor who cares about the environment and the quality of his work.
Ian Letellier | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I like to make a difference in the construction industry and meet high quality standards for an environmentally conscious company, while accompanying customers to their dreams.
Derek May | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Martin Naud | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
I do this job for the beauty of the places where our clients live and to make their dreams come to life with my own hands.
Nicolas Niogret | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Helping to build a better future with my own hands.
Frédéric Paris | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
Anthony Penasse | Carpenter -joiner apprentice
Because every house deserves to have a durable and efficient roof.
Louis Poirier | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Proud to be an integral part of the change, to innovate and be a member of one of the best teams in the construction industry.
Jimmy Poulin | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader
Maxime Richard | Carpenter - joiner apprentice
Kurt Robert | Carpenter -joiner apprentice
I aspire to use different techniques to make buildings sustainable and ecological.
Nicolas Schneider | Carpenter - joiner journeyman
I enjoy working in construction because it allows me to transform a vision into reality.
Adam Torchinsky | Carpenter - joiner journeyman - Team leader