1st step - Location

Where do you want to live? This is one of the first questions to ask yourself when starting a home project.

2nd step - Architecture

Passive solar energy consists of letting the heat of the sun into the house through the windows. In a passive solar house, the energy thus captured is stored in materials capable of absorbing heat, integrated into the house, such as brick, concrete, plaster, etc.

3rd step - Insulation and sealing
Insulation and sealing

Air leaks are a major source of heat loss in a home. In addition, air leaks in walls and ceilings can lead to mould problems, because in winter, the damp air in the house will cause condensation on the structure. For optimum sealing, here are some tips we use...

4th step - Water saving
Water saving

To save this precious resource that is our drinking water. Avoid waste!

5th step - Heating, ventilation & air conditioning
Heating, Ventilation & air conditioning

Upcoming article

6th step - Air quality
Air quality

Upcoming article

7th step - Certifications, grants and incentives
Certifications and grants

Find the various grants and eco-certifications available in Quebec!

8th step - Energy production
Energy production

Explore the possibilities to produce your energy!

9th step - Technologies for saving
Technologies for saving energy

Want to save energy? Discover the different systems that will allow you to do so! Several sections of this article are coming soon!

10th step - Autonomy

Food self-sufficiency, energy, independent home or net zero. Discover the possibilities available to you. Some parts of this article are coming...