Design and build your ecological home.

When you work with us, your dream of an ecological home will finally become a reality. We also carry out task-shared collaborative projects, whether they are ready-to-finish homes or self-builders needing support.

Our services

A range of services that adapt to your project

As green designers and builders, our goal is to build you not only a healthy, bright and sustainable home, but also a healthy, well-planned and well-executed project. This is why we offer a wide range of services: custom designs, a catalog of construction plans, turnkey projects, ready-to-finish homes, task-shared collaborative projects, support for self-builders, ecodomains and land for sale.

Our services come in many forms but all have three things in common: comfort, quality and durability. We build well-thought-out homes for you and for the planet.

We want to know more about your dream home! Contact us and tell us about your project!

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