• Lands: Highland plateau
  • Layout: First floor + Second floor
  • Area: 2126 square foot
  • Number of bedrooms: 4
  • Location: St-Jovite
  • Orientation: North-facing facade
  • Our mandate: Construction plans, design & ready-to-finish construction
  • "We get out of the city, we get closer to the landscape"

    This house is integrated into the landscape by its choice of materials and its colouring. It is simple by its shape and construction.

    Composed of a ground floor on slab with floor, the house of Aurélie and Patrick, has 4 bedrooms including three upstairs. The fourth serves as a guest room and assembly room for Patrick.

    Aurélie and Patrick wanted a simple, warm, welcoming house where they could feel outside while being inside, a successful bet for this small family!